Our strengths include the following: 
  • Phone reference, referral, and research help. The general public is welcome to come in, browse and borrow!
  • Fax, e-mail, and Internet access.
  • Online access to an excellent collection of books, journal, and audiovisual materials on fire/arson investigation, building codes and construction, reference standards, EMS, rescue, fire suppression, fire protection engineering, NYS codes and law, and hazardous materials. Our database of over 25,000 recent journal articles and 5,000 books, software titles, videotapes, and other A/V items lets you find up-to-date information on any subject. This is a tremendous asset to finding answers to both casual inquiries and serious research topics.
  • You may request loans or photocopies of items selected. Turnaround time is usually one or two working days, and there are no charges.
  • Free subscription to e-mailed notices of new arrivals monthly by request.
  • A generous open access policy: you ask and we'll try to help, whether it's by lending materials or reference assistance. (Note: If you're outside New York State, you can access our materials through the interlibrary loan network - no reference requests, please!)
  • Staff committed to helping New York's first responders, and the support of our management in assuring quality service.

Please call or send questions or comments to Diana Robinson. Diana's email address is on the Contact Us page.